DWE® reactors and regenerators

MAN Energy Solutions is the supplier of the key components for virtually every application in the petrochemical industry and refineries. We are the world market leader in FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) plants. There is a good reason for that - our technology is extraordinarily durable and reliable. Our turnaround and shutdown engineering capabilities have been proven all over the world; our customers can rely on our service for the economic operation of their plant. 

MAN Diesel & Turbo executes TAR/Turnaround

As a unit contractor, MAN Energy Solutions provides a comprehensive TAR product and service portfolio from a single source. We are in the business of delivering custom turnaround technology solutions: shutdown engineering, apparatus and component prefabrication, delivery and assembly – all aligned with our customers’ specific on-site requirements.


  • Reactors and Regenerators for FCC plants (Fluid Catalytic Cracking units) including 
    VSS chambers, stand pipes, expansion joints, slide valves, risers, orifice chambers, catalyst coolers
  • Catalyst separation systems (TSS = Third Stage Separator,  FSS = Fourth Stage Separator)
    including hot-gas-piping-system
  • FCC shutdown engineering including large component prefabrication and overall 
    shutdown planning
  • Reformer furnaces, Platformers (new constructions, repairs)
  • Destillation-/FCC-Columns
  • Waste heat recovery units for methanol plants

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