Is the universe expanding? What happened in the fractions of a second after the big bang? How can we resource our energy requirements in the future? For scientists there will always be open questions - the start points for all research.
In answering them, scientific institutes all over the world find MAN Energy Solutions a reliable partner. As experts for large technical plants we develop and build in close collaboration with scientists precisely that apparatus that they will use to lift the veil and solve the puzzles.

We are dealing in superlatives

For realisation of large-scale experiments we develop plant of sizes never previously constructed: Steel structures of carbon steel or stainless steel with diameters of 15 m and all-up weights of 6,500 mto, 10 m long flow condensers for exhaust gases at 3,000 °C, or high and ultra-high vacuum chambers of anti-magnetic stainless steel whose exceptionally complex structure can be measured only by using a laser tracker. In this field, special solutions are the rule, requiring not only enormous technical knowledge but also creativity and willingness to accept a certain degree of risk.

In famous circles

We are proud to have contributed as a partner of science to the success of such outstanding projects as the CERN particle accelerator ring in Geneva, the Munich II research reactor, the ESO Very Large Telescope, and the Wendelstein 7-X Fusion-Experiment currently under construction by the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics.


  • Vacuum chambers for coating operations and electron beam welding
  • Thermal insulation for fusion experiments
  • Vacuum chambers for experiments in high-energy physics
  • Magnet yokes for experiments in high-energy physics
  • Support structures for fusion experiments
  • Plasma vessels and vacuum vessels for fusion experiments
  • Altitude test bench for ARIANE 5 rocket engines and aircraft turbine engines

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