Highest demands, best quality

DWE® high-pressure equipment is built for almost 30 years and thus commands outstanding know-how in this pretentious field.

High-pressure apparatus must operate safely under extremes of pressure and temperature, even when dealing with the most aggressive media. Therefore they are fabricated from high quality nickel chromium steels, low-alloy and austenitic high-temperature-resistant steels and nickel-based alloys.

The thickness of the materials ranges up to 300 mm, and the faces in contact with the medium are often additionally reinforced with welded plates. Their overall weight can be as great as 1,600 mto.

HDS high-pressure reactor being erected on site 

High-pressure, low-temperatures

DWE® HHC columns are amongst the largest components in a natural gas liquefaction plant. They are made of special low-temperature materials which can contain pressures up to 171 bar at temperatures down to -65 °C.


  • Hydrocracker
  • Desulphurisation Reactors
  • Ammonia Converter
  • HDPE Reactors
  • High pressure agitator vessels
  • High pressure heat exchangers (Switch Cooler)
  • High pressure vessels for low-temperature natural gas liquefaction
  • Vessels and equipment made for special materials such as: duplex steel, high-alloys, pure nickel, titanium, zirconium, weld overlay cladding

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