Future as an objective 

We live at present in a world that is changing at a rapid pace, a pace which has never been seen before.Technical solutions to tomorrow’s problems are therefore needed today. As a world leader in chemical and petrochemical reactors and refinery technology we work constantly on meeting the challenges of the future. A key role in this is taken by our in-house research laboratories with integral demonstration area using various ... of pilot reators. Tomorrow’s customers will see the benefits of these and we will be able to offer high quality technologies and services which are a step ahead of their time. 

Test possibilities

MAN Diesel & Turbo offer special solutions for your products.
Our Pilot Plants are open for product test operated in molten salt pilot reactor systems and Fischer-Tropsch reactors.

DWE® Pilot Reactors







 Multi Zone Reactor
(up to 8 Temp.-Zones)
Customized Material


up to


 modifiable  modifiable
 2 Zone Reactor
(4 Tubes)
Inconel 600
 6000  differing  differing
 4 Zone Reactor
(4 Tubes)
Stainless Steel
 6000  differing  differing
 2 Zone Reactor
(2 Tubes)
 3500  differing  differing

Fischer-Tropsch Reactor

(1 Tube and more)

 6000  modifiable modifiable

Operating possiblities

Process side:

  • max. operating pressure 50 bar
  • max. operating temperature matched to process

Shell side

  • salt temperature 180 °C – 550 °C

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