New chemical plants are built with large-scale capacities to ensure economic efficiency. Investment costs for infrastructure and later on, operating costs for maintenance and personnel do not show a linear increase with the capacity of a plant.

Based on the reactor, the heart-beat of every plant, which supposed to mean, units should be as large as possible.

MAN Diesel & Turbo has catered for this demand in terms of design and manufacture for many years now. Delivery ex works Deggendorf is no problem, thanks to its convenient location on the river Danube and the opportunity of carriage by ship. On arrival at country of destination, further transport from port to installation location could sometimes create difficulties if the infrastructure, i.e. road network, is not sufficiently developed.

MAN Diesel & Turbo came up with a concept to deal with this problem 30 years ago, enabling reactors
to be manufactured and delivered in sector design. Reactors can be produced and shipped in 2 or even 4 sectors without being any restriction on performance or warranties.

In terms of operation customer will notice no difference whether a reactor has been designed in sectors or not.

However, reactors in sector design have to be assembled by our own MAN Diesel & Turbo team:

Special care is required if we are to offer the necessary warranties for subsequent operation.

Building reactors in sector design is slightly more costly due to the precautions which have to be taken to warranty trouble free operation.

Such a reactor is however far more affordable than two reactors required if it is not possible to transport one large reactor to site.

Use of Reactors in Sector Design

  • If route of transport is limited (width, length, weight)
  • If crane for cargo handling is not available for weight of complete reactor
  • If crane on site is not available for weight of complete reactor

DWE®-Reactors Sector Design


DWE® Reactor sector center part assembly

 Tubes 11,500
 Diameter 5.4 m
100 metric tons

DWE®-Reactors Sector Center Part Assembly


DWE® Reactors sector center part assembly

 Tubes 25,000
 Diameter 6.7 m
 Length ​6.7 m
300 metric tons