MAN Diesel & Turbo would like to emphasize MAN Diesel & Turbo's Containment Reactor Design, because an installation of a plant with a process operating in the explosive range needs, from MAN Diesel & Turbo's point of view, a special technological concept regarding safety and environmental aspects.

Therefore we like to recommend MAN Diesel & Turbo's newest reactor technology which prevents all drawbacks of an explosion/deflagration in the inlet area of the reactor, operating with a gas mixture in the explosive range.

Up to a certain loading range of feedstock, the use of rupture disks has been effective in avoiding mechanical
damage to plant components in case of deflagrations. In fact, deflagrations occurred very infrequently. However, more recent experience shows an increasing deflagration risk with higher feedstock loading, probably due to the fact that higher concentrations need considerably less energy input to ignite.

Similar problems occurred with the MA process already many years ago. In this field, MAN Diesel & Turbo took an important step forward by developing the so called containment reactor.

DWE®-Reactors Containment Design

DWE® Reactor for Acrolein at site 

 Tubes 13,600
 Diameter 6,5 m
Weight (Transport)
245 metric tons
 Containment Design  

DWE® Reactors for MA during embarkation

 Tubes 2 x 34,900
 Diameter 7,4 m
 Height ​10,7 m
Weight (Transport)
620 metric tons
 Containment Design