Fischer-Tropsch Synthese Reactor

The production of synthetic liquid fuels from natural gas, biomass or coal as a substitute blending of conventional fuels will play an increasingly important role in the years to come. Today oil is the most important fuel and thus of huge significance. At the same time we know that the oil reserves will one day be depleted.
The search for alternatives is therefore in full swing. Amongst other approaches, the winning of high purity fuels from natural gas, biomass and coal is being pursued.

 MAN Energy Solution has already undertaken wide-ranging development work in recent years and is involved in the construction of heavy Fischer-Tropsch reactors for international projects.

So what is the difference between a Fischer-Tropsch reactor and a Slurry reactors.


Reactor characteristics  slurry reactor  tubular reactor
Capacity, bpd 19000
Reactor diameter, m 8-10  8
Reactor height, m 40 21
weight, MT 1800-2000  1000-1500
cooling  pressurized water with steam generator
chemical reaction heat, MW   300-350



DWE®-Reactors – the Heart of Chemical Processes

CTL pilot reactors

GTL reactor (1250 t) on transit via barge on the Danube.

BTL reactor on a specialised flat bed loader.

AA reactor weighing 520 mto, length 17m and diameter 9m