Patented design, outstanding advantages

MAN Energy Solutions DWE® reactor systems offer a various spectrum for processes for exotherme and endotherme processor in a temperature range of 200°C - 550°. DWE® Reactors are supported on four support legs and include integral peripheral units such as salt coolers, control valves, circulating pumps, electrical heaters and superheaters. This modular reactor design is not only very compact, but also offers a very high degree of operating reliability and efficiency. And because the space-saving reactors render foundations, support frameworks, pipework, compensators and supplementary heating unnecessary or to a large extent superfluous, they reduce the installation work and investment costs.

Special Molten Salt Technology (salt cooled/heated) are used for the production of

and other various chemical products.

Molten Salt Operated Tubular Reactors

AA reactor system stage 1+2 at MAN Diesel & Turbo's quay.

PA reactor loaded on Danube barge.

AA Reactorsystem loading on Danube barge.

MA reactor center part loading at MAN Diesel & Turbo's quay.