The Deggendorfer Werft und Eisenbau GmbH was founded by GHH Oberhausen in 1924. Even in those early decades water craft with revolutionary technology were created: one of the first push boat group formations in Europe, and tugboats using Voith-Schneider propellers.

After the end of the 2nd world war, reconstruction was the priority: In the devastated country the steelwork professionals repaired bridges over the Danube and built steel structures.

Future-oriented as ever, the manufacture of apparatus, stirrer vessels and autoclaves also started. As early as 1955 we manufactured the first salt bath cooled tubular reactor, which today has grown into an important business.

The continuous development of the reactor design quickly achieved international recognition in this field: in 1974 the first deliveries were made to the People’s Republic of China, and 1980 to the USA.

Today we have nearly 60 years international experience in reactor design. Since 1986 a member of the MAN Group and since 2010 assigned to the MAN Diesel & Turbo Group, we profit not only from the valuable synergy effects, but to a high degree also from interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation.

Above all, integration into one of the leading groups in the world permits extensions of our core business: The engineering of physical apparatus began in 1996 with the design and construction of a vacuum chamber for applying the mirror coating to the Very Large Telescope for the ESO, and opened a new era.

In addition, together with MAN Diesel & Turbo, we have taken the lead in production of synthetic fuels – a future market with significant growth opportunities.

Up to the present we have supplied well over 700 reactors, participated in construction of several physical plants for international research and have manufactured countless apparatus and components for the refinery industry.